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Lexie is amazing! Honestly, there are not many places in our small town that I can feel good about recommending. But Skin Oasis Day Spa is one of those hidden gem's that you just wanna shout to all your friends. I have had waxing, skin care and eyelash extensions done here and I have always walked out happy, satisfied and feeling like a million bucks!! Plus, Lexie is such a wonderful person to be around. She goes the extra mile to make you comfy and make sure you are pampered and gorgeous! My most recent visit was getting eyelash extensions, and honestly, I cannot stop checking myself out in the mirror! I love these lashes!!!

I had my underarms waxed for the first time with hard wax by Lexie this week. Let me tell you that my underarms look and FEEL amazing. NO irritation, rash, blisters or any NEGATIVE side effects AND the grey is gone. My pits are so smooth, I am over the moon excited. My hair is really dark so no matter how close I shave the skin always looks grey. I know it seems silly but always looking like 5 o'clock shadow armpits just made me really self-conscious when I would wear anything sleeveless. I have always wanted to wax them, but could not due to my extreme skin allergies to a lot of different chemicals, traditional wax has always given me a blistery rash. As a fluffy girl, I struggle with loving my body in spite of the criticisms of society and social media. This gives my mind one less struggle everyday when I get up and think what do I wanna wear today. I just want to say THANK YOU to Lexie and I hope she knows that she doesn't just make people "look" pretty, she makes people "FEEL" pretty and sometimes that makes all the difference.

My husband got me a gift card for Christmas from Skin Oasis Day Spa with the amazing Lexie Butler Clark! He got me the H202 Glow package & let me be real honest… I am severely ADHD; heavy on the H. So it takes a lot for me to slow down & relax! I dozed off & went to heaven literally!!

The H202 is a Hydrodermabrasion with Dermaplaning & there aren’t enough words to describe how amazing it was & how good my skin looks after!!

Thank you Jeremy for my present & thankkkkk youuuuu Lexie for being so amazing!! 

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